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The world has changed. Business has changed. The way we work has changed.

Because of the pandemic, government and education executives are being forced to make huge pandemic-related budget cuts with staffing reductions.

There is some relief.  Purchasing cooperative contracts can provide an effective and efficient procurement process, especially as contracting workloads increase and resources decline.

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I don’t know about you, but I hit the wall this weekend when it comes to COVID. And, I feel like that sensation was shared by many of those in my family and (socially distant) social circle. A recent study showed that 59% of people feel coronavirus has a huge impact on their daily lives.

There was an edginess to the weekend that was palpable. If you are feeling like that, I hear you and I see you. If you’re not, that’s wonderful news.

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With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants have needed to make drastic changes overnight. Early on, many expanded takeout options and modified business hours or menu options. As restrictions loosen for limited reopening, even more changes are required to comply with new government and CDC requirements for a safe environment.  And for anyone who has eaten out recently, the safer you feel, the more likely you are to return – so getting this right is critical for restaurants nationwide.

Some of these new safety requirements can be easily met by partnering with Toshiba. Our solutions can help with several reopening measures:

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Imagine a tech-savvy twenty-something sitting on the patio of a local coffee shop, sipping their latte, presumably taking advantage of the free WiFi.

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Healthcare providers have a tough task of balancing patient care while maintaining policies that protect patient privacy. Given added pressures placed on healthcare workers by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more challenging to maintain this balance due to higher volumes of patient information related to testing, admissions, reporting, and claims processing.

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